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About us

Urban Fashion Online is an independent online men's fashion retailer in the UK. We offer globally sourced designer menswear including Sik SIlk,GIANNI KAVANAGH, Fresh Couture, Illusive, Scar Tissue, Gym King, Sinners Attire, Aces Couture, Enuki , Emulate, Badr Sport, Societe Noir and many more new exciting brand coming every month.

Jeans, T-shirts,vests, shirts, footwear, headwear – we've got something for everyone.

We aim to provide you with excellent customer service, if you would like to speak to us direct to leave a message or feedback we will get back to you within less than 1 working day.

We value our customers opinions, thoughts and ideas so please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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